This week’s new TLDs are an assorted bunch, appealing to a range of interests!

Gracing us for the first time are the new web domains .FURNITURE .FITNESS .DISCOUNT and .SCHULE (the German word for school).

.FURNITURE is big business, whether you make your own or sell the latest designs in a super store. From the stylish and artistic to the bare and functional, we’ve come a long way from lumps of rock to rest our rumps.

.DISCOUNT is for everyone who loves, or offers, a bargain.

.FITNESS has gone from being able to stay standing through a day’s work to the pursuit of fitness for leisure. From tough mudders to personal trainers, there’s no getting away from the fitness trend — and you can get the perfect fit with this domain.

.SCHULE is the German word for school, and might not seem an obvious choice of domain until you remember the German startup scene is flourishing. Where better to show off your knowledge?

•Financial-Themed TLDs This Week

This week sees a batch of financial-themed TLDs.

Available for the first time are:
.TAX for accountants and tax preparation specialists
.CASH for lenders, borrowers and fans of Johnny Cash
.FUND for anyone providing resources
.INVESTMENTS for everyone committing time, money or capital.

Joining the finance themes are
.BIO for biographers and biologists

And the German-language domains
.HAUS for everyone interested in the German housing market
.REISE for anyone connected to the lucrative German travel market.


From doctors to dentists, however you care, and whatever you care about, this week brings a batch of new medical themed web domains.

Hot off the press we have .CARE .CLINIC .SURGERY and .DENTAL.

.CARE is the domain name for everyone providing health, welfare and protection for something.

.CLINIC is the specialist domain for clinics around the world offering treatment and advice.

.SURGERY is the domain name for surgeons and surgeries.

.DENTAL is the domain name for everyone involved with dentistry.

Hot off the Press New Domains

We have more new domains for you this week and they ROCK! Hot off the press are .ROCKS, .ACTOR, .WTF, .FAIL, .FINANCIAL and .LIMITED.

.ROCKS is the domain name for everything awesome, exciting, or fun — unleash your inner rock star with this domain.

.ACTOR is the the non-gender specific domain for professionals in the acting industry – whether they are film, television stage, or radio.

.WTF is a safe-for-work or family-friendly domain name for websites specialising in the unbelievable and the shocking.

.FAIL is the domain name for celebrating failure, and the philosophy that it’s good to fail: we should fail fast to learn from out mistakes.

.FINANCIAL is the domain for everyone working in finance and financial services.

.LIMITED is the domain name for limited companies the world over who want to be more unique than everyone still using a .COM.

New .MELBOURNE domain

Did you know that Melbourne was once named ‘Batmania’ after John Batman? It’s also the first Australian city to get its own dedicated domain name — going live today!

The new .MELBOURNE TLD is now officially in its Sunrise and Limited Registration Period, and live for registration.


After last week’s haul of new domains, you’ll be glad to hear it’s quieter today with .TOWN, .UNIVERSITY, .TOYS and the German word for travel, .REISEN all new.

.TOWN is the domain name for suburban areas that want to get themselves online

.UNIVERSITY is the domain name for institutions of higher education everywhere

.TOYS is the domain name for everyone involved in making or selling toys

.REISEN is the German word for travel and tourism. Germany has the largest outbound tourist trade in the world, with German people spending about €80 billion annually to travel abroad. Germany also has the eighth largest inbound tourist trade, with receipts of around €24 billion.