New TLDs This Week: .DIRECT, .PLACE, .BEER, .SURF, .RU

After last week’s rush of new web domains, the release of new TLDs this week is more modest. Now available are .DIRECT, .PLACE, .BEER, .SURF, and .RU.

.DIRECT is the domain for showing customers there’s no need to look any further.
.PLACE is for everyone who sells places, not just property.
.BEER is the domain name for fans of beverages including lager, bitter, ale and stout.
.SURF is the domain name for everyone who loves to surf.
.RU is the country code for Russia, and is the must have Russia domain name for all Russian indviduals and businesses.

New TLDs including .COOKING, COUNTRY, and .FISHING

It’s a busy week for new TLDs this week, read on for details of the first set of new domains that are available.

.COUNTRY is for anyone who loves Country music

.FISHING is for everyone who loves to fish or involved in the fishing industry

.RODEO is for all the people connected to rodeo competitions around the world

.HORSE is for anyone involved with horses

.VODKA is for everyone who loves or has an interest in the spirit


Following the update regarding the new domains .LONDON and .GLOBAL earlier this week, I bring you news of more new TLDs. These include: DIGITAL, .ACCOUNTANTS, .FINANCE, and .INSURE.

Digital – in the 21st century, almost everything is now digital – from digital music to digital marketing, and from digital personal assistants to digital television. Experts predict within the next couple of years our food and even our dreams will be entirely digital.

Accountants – It’s a little known fact that accountants originally started as pirates. These blood-thirsty and ruthless raiders often accumulated vast sums of money from their pillaging, and had to spend increasing amounts of time inspecting their financial accounts. This makes sense if you spend a moment to think about how many pirates you have met, compared to accountants.

Finance – it is the science of money management, and as sciences go, finance is only slightly less difficult than alchemy. Between personal finance and corporate finance, the famous world of finance is a complicated place.

Insure – Insurance started a long time ago as a kind of wager – a customer would makes a wager with the insurer that their goat would get stolen, but the process has become a little more refined and regulated since then with celebrities and sports stars insuring their valuable assets.

.LONDON and .GLOBAL live today!

Following the release of other geographic domains including .BERLIN, .NYC and .MELBOURNE we have two great new TLDs: .LONDON and .GLOBAL.

London, a city of 13 million inhabitants and 5 times as many giant rats, is one of the most vibrant cities on earth. Now Londoners can feel even more connected with their unique .LONDON domain name.

For the multinationals that already have their .COM, .ORG and .NET domains it’s time to go .GLOBAL! The new .GLOBAL domain is for every business that calls the whole world their home.

New credit-themed TLDs live this week

We’ve more new domains this week than you can count (on one hand)

On a credit theme we have:
.CREDIT the domain for anyone offering goods and services without immediate payment.
.CREDITCARD for anyone with a professional interest in credit cards.
.GRATIS for getting anything free of charge. Complimentary. On the house. From free wifi, to free parking.
.CLAIMS for getting what you’re due, from a belonging from a lost property office, to insurance claims.

For German customers, the new city domain this week is .COLOGNE and it’s German language counterpart .KOELN. Cologne is oldest city in Germany, with a proud history going back almost 2,000 years.

.HIPHOP .AUDIO & .JUEGOS live today

Live today are new TLDs .HIPHOP, .AUDIO and Spanish-language web domain .JUEGOS (it means games).

From rap, to DJing and breaking, and from graffiti to beatbox, wherever your hiphop passion lies, you can make a name for yourself with the new .HIPHOP domain.

AUDIO is the domain name for sound. At its most basic level, audio is the electrical or other representation of sound. But anyone involved with audio knows that it goes beyond a scientific definition.

Games and gaming are big business – and with 470 million native Spanish speakers worldwide, .JUEGOS is the domain name of choice for the Spanish gaming market.