More New City Domains: Including .TOKYO

Some of the most popular new top-level domains in the world right now are now related to cities. The World Trademark Review recently reported on the success of several new city domains, and some of the hottest around are now available.

Some of the newest and hottest include .LONDON, and .MELBOURNE, and hot on their heels are German cities including .BERLIN and .COLOGNE, and Japanese cities .TOKYO, .YOKOHAMA and .NAGOYA. If your city doesn’t have its own TLD yet, don’t worry: you can now also register the generic .CITY domain.

It doesn’t end there, either – keep your eyes peeled for even more cities to come, including .SYDNEY!

New domains .BAYERN and .DEALS live this week!

It’s a quiet week for new web domains, with only .BAYERN (the German name for the state of Bavaria) and .DEALS, the ideal name for daily deals websites like Groupon, in General Availability.

Elsewhere in new TLDs, .MELBOURNE has thrown open its doors to eligible customers for the first public registrations (General Availability is coming 11 November) and for our Kiwi friends, .NZ registrations are open to eligible customers to register or reserve the shorter version of your name.