Why do I need a SSL Certificate?

Wondering why you need a SSL Certificate? Heard about SSL Certificates but not sure what it is? Have you noticed that internet browsers now show ‘Not Secure’ beside the URL?

In short, SSL Certificates are now required by google, or you risk having your organic SEO rankings drop.

What’s more SSL Certificates protect (or encrypt) the data that passes between a user’s internet browser and your website server. They are not only essential for e-commerce sites but strongly recommended for all websites.

Brisbane Hosting & Website Design is encouraging all of our clients to get an SSL Certificate installed on their website as a priority. Request a SSL Certificate and installation today.

What is a SSL Certificate?

Simply put, SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally link or authenticate your organisation’s details. Once installed, it enables secure connections from a web server to a browser. Think of it like a padlock being applied to encrypt and protect data exchanges.

Once a SSL Certificate has been installed, visitors to your website will see the URL showing HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP.

A SSL Certificate is connected to your web hosting, but it is an additional charge and requires specific steps to install correctly. See below for two different SSL package options currently available through Brisbane Hosting & Website Design.

What does a SSL Certificate do?

Here are three reasons why you need a SSL Certificate urgently:

  1. Maintain or Improve Your Google Rankings. Google is already ranking secure pages (HTTPS) better than insecure pages (HTTP). If you don’t get a SSL Certificate, expect your organic search rankings to take a hit.
  2. Your website URL will show “NOT SECURE”. Internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have already introduced stronger visual cues making it clear which websites don’t have a SSL Certificate. Expect consumers to catch on quickly and only do interact with those sites that are secure.
  3. Data protection. A SSL Certificate encrypts the data passing between your site’s server and a user’s internet browser – and it isn’t limited to credit card details. We’re also talking about all data collected in forms such as street address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, income details or other login details.

According to Sitesell.com over time you can expect your clients and potential customers to become conditioned to only interact with those websites that have a SSL Certificate.

Free SSL Certificates – A Warning

Don’t fall into the trap of opting for a free SSL certificates as these are not acknowledged by all browsers and are usually only temporary.  Even if you can get a Free SSL Certificate, you still need to pay for installation so be wary.

Speak to us today about getting a reliable SSL Certificate installed. A small outlay now will ensure your website continues to perform well and attract new customers because it’s secure.

What types of SSL Certificates are available?

Brisbane Hosting and Website Design offers two different SSL Certificate options:

  1. SSL Certificate for your primary website only
  2. SSL Certificate that covers your primary website PLUS email, subdomains and cpanel.

Both packages include installation. Need to get a SSL Certificate installed? Contact us today via email or call 07 3889 2977.


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