Domain Names

If you are serious about your website, you will need a good domain name!

Australian domain name registration available for,,, and Global domain name registration available for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi and .tv. A well chosen domain name can mean a real boost to your website traffic and will pay for itself over and over again.

A good domain name is one that conveys important information about your business, but is short enough that people can remember it. Generally you should avoid very short abbreviated domain names, unless your business or product is commonly known by that abbreviation.

You should aim to include one or more keywords in your domain name, and should generally avoid choosing hyphenated domain names (though there are exceptions).

Australian businesses should generally choose a domain name as their first choice. You MUST have an ABN to register a domain name. The .com stands for commercial and the .au shows you are an Australian business.

If possible, also register the, .com, .net and .biz extensions for your domain.

BEWARE when buying a domain name!!!

If going through a reseller, make sure they create an account IN YOUR NAME with YOUR details ONLY and not theirs!!!

See the auDA website for more information on the ‘Collection Of Registrant Contact Information’.

Someone who holds, is applying for, or renewing, a domain name licence.
auDA-accredited companies who handle domain name licence applications and renewals.
Non-accredited companies who handle domain name licence applications and renewals.
Domain Name:
Internet address, eg,