How do I register a domain name?

First, research the best domain names for your business. More than just a fancy name, a domain name is a powerful asset. You need to be aware of other similar domains that can confuse your customers, whether it is sufficiently descriptive or memorable, how easy is it for people to share and a number of other considerations.

Once you have a few ideas, search to find out whether you can register them. All registrars have a domain name search bar. Enter your ideas and find any matching domains currently available for registration. If available, the registrar will then give you the opportunity to register it for a set period – usually one or two years. It is important to compare domain name prices and know what you actually get for your money.

Finding the best value domain name

Investigate the costs of registering a domain name through Melbourne IT and Netregistry and you will receive two quotes – $140 and $44.95 – for a two year registration. That’s a difference of over $95. Consider whether what is included is worth the higher fee and whether you can receive the same or better elsewhere for less.

However, there are also budget providers offering even cheaper domains, usually with less support and resources. Sacrificing support for a few dollars can cost you more money later. Therefore, assess domain names on actual value for your dollar, rather than just price.

The best deal for the best price

A more expensive domain is not of a better ‘quality’ than one registered for a better price. The only difference is in the additional services offered.