Four benefits of investing in Google AdWords

Google AdWords is best described as a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This means you are only charged when someone clicks on your advertisement, and the amount you pay-per-click is determined by the competition for the keywords which can vary significantly between industries or even services within the one industry.

So what are the benefits of investing in AdWords?

Here are four reasons Brisbane Hosting & Website Design recommends investing in paid online activity:

1) It’s highly targeted, so fewer wasted dollars – Gone are the days of buying a print, radio or TV advertisement and hoping someone who is interested in your product or service might happen to read or listen to your ad, and then make an enquiry.

Using Google AdWords, you get to choose the type of people you wish to target by geographic location or even specific key words (the common words and phrases people are typing into google). This means that you’ve got a much higher chance of converting sales because you’re targeting people already searching for that very product, rather than a broad scatter gun approach – and they’re only one click away from finding out more about your business.

2) It’s trackable and flexible – you can see how much traction you’re getting from your paid activity in real-time. And when linked to Google Analytics, you can evaluate if your paid online advertising is drawing higher numbers of potential leads to your site. Being purely online also means you can optimise and tweak your campaigns once you’ve reviewed how they’re performing.

3) Quicker results than organic SEO. Yes, paid activity tends to get you better ‘visibility’ to potential customers much quickly (Google prioritises paid ads at the top of google searches), however, organic SEO should not be dismissed entirely.

Organic SEO is considered a ‘slow burn’ for building your website’s authority and credibility over time as google bots continue to review and rank your site content periodically. Consistently adding unique and relevant content to your site will help ensure that your site always ranks well.

Paid activity can get put you at the top of the list quicker (NB. it will show up as an ‘ad’ to users), but remember without sustained paid activity you will drop off from the search results just as quick.

4) It’s cost effective. AdWords campaigns can be set up from as little as $10/day. How far this stretches depends on the competition for your desired keywords.

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