Microsoft Pays Out Again Over Forced W10 Upgrade

An IT worker has been paid US$650 by Microsoft after he threatened to sue the company following a forced upgrade to his grandfather’s computer that was running Windows 7.

In 2013, Jesse Worley had built a machine running Windows 7 for his granddad but made it look like a Windows XP interface because his relative suffered from Alzheimer’s and an XP environment was something the old gentleman could remember, according to Digital Trends.

But during its frantic bid to push Windows users to upgrade prior to 29 July this year, Microsoft had at one stage changed the behaviour of update notifications, such that clicking on the close window button caused the machine in question to update. For 21 years, that button, with an X on it, has done nothing but closed windows when anyone clicks on it.

Worley wrote to Microsoft about the upgrade using the company’s recommended Notice of Dispute procedure.

The company has admitted that the upgrade pop-up window was misleading and that customers who were misled can seek redress.

Worley donated the money he received to an Alzheimer’s charity. He had initially asked Microsoft to pay him for the time he had spent to rework his granddad’s computer and donate to an Alzheimer’s charity, but the company only agreed to the former demand.

In June, a travel agent in California was awarded US$10,000 by a small claims court after she sued Microsoft over a Windows 10 upgrade.

By: Sam Varghese

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