Apple iPhone 6s Battery Problems Much Bigger Than First Thought

Apple iPhone 6s smartphones are shutting down without warning in what is being called the 30% bug.

Apple issued an advisory stating it appeared to be for batteries in a limited serial number range manufactured between September and October 2015.

Now one of its largest markets for the iPhone 6s, China, is reporting customers outside this range have been affected.

Apple’s response to its Chinese market is, “Some of these shutdowns can occur under normal conditions in order for the iPhone to protect its electronics. In an effort to gather more information, we are including additional diagnostic capability in an iOS software update which will be available next week. This will allow us to gather information over the coming weeks which may potentially help us improve the algorithms used to manage battery performance and shutdown. If such improvements can be made, they will be delivered in future software updates.

Apple has declined to comment on the cause or whether it affects the 6s Plus and other handsets.

The China Consumers Association, a government watchdog group, has said that Apple needs to take further measures to address the problem, and accused the company of failing to “meet basic consumer needs for normal wireless communication.”

It believes that the issue affects a wider range of models. It says that even after the fix, where Apple replace the battery, users are reporting the same shutdown issue.

By: Ray Shaw

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