Hot new TLDs .FISH .REPORT and .VISION are live today

From fish farms to reporters, we’ve got a vision with our new top-level domains released this week. Hot new TLDs .FISH .REPORT and .VISION are live today.

FISH is the domain name for anyone with a connection to sea life.
Fish are one of the oldest recorded living organisms on the planet, and on their appearance in our oceans they were very quickly followed by chips and the invention of the deep-fat fryer.

REPORT is the domain name for anyone relaying information in a relatable form. The Rosetta stone is widely considered to be a health and safety report compiled during the construction of the pyramids — attempts to translate it entirely have been so far unsuccessful because it’s too boring to read.

VISION is the domain name for everything connected to sight and your corporate ‘vision’. Vision is one of the most important yet under-estimated senses that we possess. While Superman had the advantages of heat vision and X-ray vision, and had to hope not to get them mixed up, humans are content to have 20:20 vision and a pair of x-ray specs from a joke shop.