This week’s new TLDs are an assorted bunch, appealing to a range of interests!

Gracing us for the first time are the new web domains .FURNITURE .FITNESS .DISCOUNT and .SCHULE (the German word for school).

.FURNITURE is big business, whether you make your own or sell the latest designs in a super store. From the stylish and artistic to the bare and functional, we’ve come a long way from lumps of rock to rest our rumps.

.DISCOUNT is for everyone who loves, or offers, a bargain.

.FITNESS has gone from being able to stay standing through a day’s work to the pursuit of fitness for leisure. From tough mudders to personal trainers, there’s no getting away from the fitness trend — and you can get the perfect fit with this domain.

.SCHULE is the German word for school, and might not seem an obvious choice of domain until you remember the German startup scene is flourishing. Where better to show off your knowledge?